Sportsbook Poker Review

Play Sportsbook PokerIf you are looking for a sportsbook, racebook and casino on the same site, look at It has been running since 1997, takes bets totalling over $3 billion a year and boasts over a million members.

Sportsbook poker room only opened in 2006 courtesy of the Cake poker network but it immediately became a player. In contrast to the majority of poker sites, Sportsbook Poker is only available to players in the U.S. and Canada. The site has grown at high speed and offers possibly the craziest play available anywhere. The players come from the sportsbook and the casino, which means by far the majority of them are beginners and ridiculously easy to beat.

Sportsbook Poker ReviewThe software used by Sportsbook Poker offers great graphics and functionality since it was actually developed by poker players in order to "re-invent" the look of online poker. It offers excellent game play and pretty much everything the majority of poker players will ever need, including table statistics, high-speed action, the possibility of playing ten tables at the same time and great support.

They offer every variation of Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo and the games vary from No-Limit through Pot-Limit to Fixed-Limit. You can also find full-table, short-handed and heads-up games on the site. The site focuses on No-Limit Texas Hold'em, particularly when it comes to small and middle limits, but at peak times you can find players at almost any limit and game.

There are also a reasonable amount of tournaments available in both Omaha and Texas Hold'em and while the volume of traffic is still in the lower levels it is expanding rapidly. In addition to this Sportsbook Poker offers monthly $100000 freerolls.

As of May 2009, real-money player stats show 1700 ring-game and 6000 tournament players at peak times.